egyptian mint makeup remover wipes  

Delicate makeup,also need delicate makeup removal Applicable to:working overtime,stay up late,business trip,traval,office,home   60pcs with cork base 1.five kind of scent  goodberry   avocado + olive leaf   mandarin + basil   coconut milk + coffee   lemon verbena + egyptian mint removing mildly and thoroughly for sensitive skin   4.large size,one piece can remove makeup all over your face   4.suitable for people who need to remove makeup     We mainly produce baby wipes,Hygiene wipes,kitchen wipes,shot wet wipes,makeup-remover wipes,and so many other kind of wipes.Our products are specially supplied to online e-commerce platforms and physical shops. At present, the company has 3,000 square meters of 100,000 grade purification workshop and 10,000 grade inspection room.Ozone disinfection is used in the workshop.Have strict hygiene requirem…

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